Dallas Future Society

Dedicated to the Advancement of science, literature, art, and music for the future of all mankind

Music not only enriches the mind, but also the spirit. We consider support of the music community to be an important aspect of our mission.

Here are some of the international and local artists we have hosted at FenCon:

  • Michael Longcor
  • Leslie Fish
  • Heather Alexander
  • Tom Smith
  • Three Weird Sisters
  • Carla Ulbrich
  • Jeff & Maya Bonhoff
  • Joe Bethancourt
  • John Anelio
  • Heather Dale
  • Oookla the Mok
  • Tricky Pixie
  • Bill and Brenda Sutton
  • Vixy & Tony
  • Marian Call
  • The Doubleclicks

In 2016 we hosted house concerts featuring Heather Dale and Marion Call.