Dallas Future Society

Dedicated to the Advancement of science, literature, art, and music for the future of all mankind

The Dallas Future Society considers the support and education of science to be one of our guiding principles. In support of that, we have hosted many prominent scientists as guests of FenCon.
  • Dr. Stanley G. Love (NASA)
  • Dr. Gregory Benford - Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of California, Irvine
  • Dr. John Randall (Zyvex Labs)
  • Kevin Roche (IBM-Stanford)
  • Dr. Paul Abell (JPL)
  • Dr. Albert Jackson (NASA)
  • William Ledbetter (National Space Society)
  • Clifford McMurray (National Space Society)
  • Dr. M.T. Reiten (Electrical Engineering)
In addition, several science and technology related professional societies have had a presence:
  • Texas Astronomical Society
  • Dallas Personal Robotics
  • MakeDFW
  • National Space Society
  • TheLab.MS


On July 2, 2013, in conujunction with American Mensa and the Fort Worth Science Museum, DFS sponsored a lecture featuring David Brin, Robert J. Sawyer, and Todd McCaffrey at the Museum.